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Whether or not you have used another service on the internet, Pick A Contractor is completely different from the rest! How? Well for starters, we come to you. That means we are local. Our experts meet with you to go over your construction job in an unbiased way, gather requirements and photos, and put all the job details together for qualified local contractors to view.

Unlike other services which charge contractors just for contact information, we encourage contractors to view your job details and put together an estimate if they are interested. They only get your contact information if you are interested in meeting with them. Contractors aren't charged to see or bid your job.

Why would a contractor use our service? Easy, we save them time and money. They don't have to drive to a jobsite to see if they are interested or not. Our customers are real and pre-screened. Pick A Contractor keeps contractors marketing costs down.


*COMING SOON* See how we help customers get the best value for their construction project.

Customer Information

Finding a contractor for your project shouldn't be a hassle. Pick A Contractor was created to allow customers to make an informed decision when choosing the contractor that best suites their needs.

The Pick A Contractor process is unique and simple. One call with us, we schedule an appointment for our experts to meet with you. Our expert job surveyors go over your job with you to gather all the requirements which include pictures, sketches and measurements. That information is then uploaded to a job file for contractors to see. Contractors do not pay to view or bid on your job. Only contractors that are interested put together an estimate.

Every job has a bid ending date to push contractors into submitting timely estimates. Pick A Contractor then compiles the estimates along with the contractors profile and can send through regular mail or for a faster result, email the information. Customers may also sign up for an online account into our system for even greater detailed information. Call your local office for more information.

Find your local area to find the local Pick A Contractor contact information or to use the request form.


One phone call.


One meeting. Organized bids. Apples to Apples comparisons.


Detailed contractor profile including ratings of past work, licenses, insurances and more.

Unbiased Answers

We don't do the construction work so we don't try to talk you into unnecessary things.

Contractor Information

Pick A Contractor was designed to help create efficiencies in the job finding and estimation/bidding process. The customers are real and pre-screened, so you know they are serious about choosing a contractor. This allows the contractor the ability to market to the customer based on more than just price. Real and accurate ratings of past work, combined with the ability to showcase jobs is just a start. Your companies profile is where you can include insurances, licenses, memberships or affiliations.

Our customers want the best value and sometimes that isn't just the best price. Show the customer why you are the best choice.

Pick A Contractor doesn't sell you names or "job leads". We get the leads and turn them into jobs for you. Most customers want a quick price or estimate just to see if they can afford or want to continue to do the work. Pick A Contractor can get them quick price range estimates for their project before we schedule a meeting. Next, when they are ready to move forward and schedule a meeting with our job surveyor, they pay a small deposit to show they are serious.

Our job surveyors are professionals in the construction industry. It is our goal to gather the correct information to allow an accurate estimate without the contractor having to visit the jobsite. Don't worry, it is easy to ask us questions about the jobs if something is unclear. Your estimate or bid is not official until you meet with the customer to go over the job with them. If everything is agreed upon between you and the customer, only then would a contract be signed. Pick A Contractor also provides the ability to create and store contracts in the system. You can easily turn your bid into a signable contract.

Find out what else makes Pick A Contractor so unique! Find your local area to sign up.

Pre-Screened Customers

Our customers are serious about the jobs they want done.


Job information including pictures, sketches and documents.

Save Time

No need to drive to the jobsite to see what the customer needs.

No cost bidding

We don't charge fees to bid

Job Types
Attics, basements, bathrooms & kitchens, let Pick A Contractor help you get estimates on your next remodeling project.
Add a new space to an existing structure. Sometimes the best option is adding on. Call Pick A Contractor to find out where to begin.
New roof, gutters, siding, windows, doors, anything on the exterior, Pick A Contractor can help find a quality contractor.
Concrete and Masonry
Sidewalks to driveways. Fireplaces to chimneys. Repairs or replacement, call us to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.
Home Builders
Tired of your old place? Finally build the dreamhouse you always wanted. Find out how Pick A Contactor can help take the aggravation out of the whole process.
Create the perfect backyard oasis, or just seed the lawn. Either way, Pick A Contractor gives you the most options with one meeting, saving you valuable time in the process.
Architecture and Design
In the early stages of planning? Find your architect or designer through the Pick A Contractor service.
Commercial Builders
Pick A Contractor also deals with commercial projects from early stage requirement gathering to contractor bidding.
Specialty Services
There are a wide range of specialty companies for those unique situations. Call us to see if a specialist is what you need.
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